A real story about overcoming challenges with the ones you trust.

With a series of engine problems and a lack of spare parts in the market, Ford Ranger has lost not only its leadership in Brazil but also the consumers' trust. After solving all their problems with a new truck, more modern and stronger than the competitors, they needed one campaign to regain people’s faith and get back to the top.

The idea was to explore the relationship that better expresses trustful: between father and son. The solution came with a real father’s story told in a 3 minutes film, aired during the most premium TV show break in Brazil, on father’s day.

This was the first campaign promoting the concept “Overcome challenges beside whom you trust.” Two years later, Ford Ranger returned to the top 1 in the Brazilian market but, most importantly, regained the consumers' trust.

”Ranger's relationship with challenges runs deep. As deep as it does with water - 800mm wading depth.”
”Dig deep into challenges without getting bogged down. Ford Ranger with rear lift block, unstoppable in mud.”
”All pick-up trucks have the guts to face the odds. Only Ranger has the guts to offer a 5-year warranty.”