A pre-launch campaign for the arrival of Ford Mustang in Brazil.

Ford was bringing Mustang to the Brazilian market for the first time in history. The challenge was to get the audience excited about the new, generate leads, and use Mustang's heritage to increase Ford's brand perception in the market.

The campaign started with a 60” film, revealing the Mustang's untamable instinct awakening. Using a retargeting strategy, another 3 films exploring the Mustang's indomitable spirit were created to impact users on the social networks according to their profiles and purchase intent.

Print ads were created inspired by movie posters' aesthetics.

An interactive website was created for clients to register their purchase intention. An animated Mustang interacted with the user in each registration step, presenting its main features.
After typing your name on the website, a Mustang would write it through a burnout, one of the main features of the car for the launch campaign.

This campaign had a digital strategy on Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram based on retargeting the “Thunder” viewers. According to their interests, we separated them into three group profiles and each group was impacted by one of the three films. That’s why each story explores the car’s personality in a single way.