Global Campaign
After its launch in 2015 and multiple successful seasons, the NMD franchise has lost interest from the fashion channel. In 2022 the NMD_V3 model was chosen to re-engage and excite gen-z mainstream modern sneakerhead consumers about the NMD franchise in a global campaign.

The starting point of the campaign was to explore the innate free spirit of the modern nomads. To do that, we created a heat-map visual language that translates their move through the city. An energetic, vibrant look and feel, suited to the NMD franchise.

To represent the nomad free-spirit we invited three adidas’ global assets: Benzema, Anitta and Bizarrap. With this variety of talents we could also reach the different markets globally.


In addition to the talents’ films, we have also created a product-focused film, exploring the energetic vibe of the cast in an urban environment, coming together to create a sense of community

Adidas has also partnered with different digital influencers around the world, bringing diversity to the urban nomads and reaching all the key markets of the campaign. They created a series of videos for TikTok presenting the new NMD_V3 

On Instagram, Anitta promoted the campaign assets and gave her testimonial as an urban nomad who created her own path.